Level C

The level C is suitable for coaches working with junior and Futures-level players.

Below is an example of a C-Level Course schedule that can be slightly modified by National Presidents.

History of Tennis = history of Grand Slam tournaments and Davis Cup.

GPTCA = goals and organization of the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association.

Rules 1 = entry, withdrawals, I-pin, wild cards, ranking, anti-doping, calendars, statistics, detail-sheet, etc.

Coaching 1A = how to prepare a Junior/Futures tournament player's personal schedule of tournaments related to his ranking.

Coaching 1B = how to train Junior and Futures tournament players with personal program, how to play on different Grand Slam surfaces, how to plan the winter preparation.

Mental Training 1 = basics of Mental Training: relaxation, visualization, mental skills.

Each National President can change no more than 15% of the lessons of his program, he can also choose the subjects of 2 hours of lessons as we planned in the diary.