Cascais 2019


Rua Pedro Álvares Cabral n.º 2 , 2775-597 Carcavelos

Phone number: 21 456 36 68 | cell phone: 916 120 372


Notice: Please be advised that in order for the course to be viable, we need a minimum of 25 students. If this number is not reached, the organizers will have the right to pospone the course or cancel it. A full refund of the registration will be given to those student who can not attend in the new dates.


On May 2019, from the 8th to the 12th, the GPTCA will conduct its C & B Level Course in the beautifull city of Cascais.

This course will feature the participation of Toni Nadal, Rafa Nadal´s coach and uncle, as well as Alberto Castellani, GPTCA President.

The event will be organized by Pancho Campo and his company Chrand Marketing & Events, in association with the Carcavelos Ténis e Padel.

The event will also feature a special session for players, coaches, parents and tennis enthusiasts in general. In this session Toni Nadal will talk about how Rafa Nadal became one of the best players ever, how to face and manage stress, and lots of other interesting issues around developing a player.

To clarify how levels C and B work in a combined course:

A combined C and B level course is in fact two separate courses for participants taking part simultaneously.

One participant cannot take Level C and B together at the same time.

Participants who already have Level C will take the Level B certification in this course.

Participants who have no GPTCA levels should take level C first, except the following, that will be able to take the level B directly:

- coaches of ATP/WTA Top 1000 players who worked at this level for at least 2 consecutive years

- coaches of ITF Top 100 juniors who worked at this level for at least 2 consecutive years

- coaches of professional teams (University, Federation or League teams) who worked at this level for at least 2 consecutive years

- former ATP/WTA Top 1000 singles players

- former ATP/WTA Top 500 doubles players