Registrations & Information

CASCAIS - 8th till 12th May 2019

Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria (just a basic coaching certificate is enough). 

In order to be considered for GPTCA Membership, a candidate should be:

- a certified coach by a National Tennis Federation OR equivalent (PTR, USPTR, ITF, UISP and other associations recognized by a specific country) or

- an ATP Member (active, coach or alumni [ex-player]), Division I or II.

Note: The GPTCA Board will have the authority to decide on a case-by-case basis whether membership can be awarded. 

To clarify how levels C and B work in a combined course:

A combined C and B level course is in fact two separate courses for participants taking part simultaneously.

One participant cannot take Level C and B together at the same time.

Participants who already have Level C will take the Level B certification in this course.

Participants who have no GPTCA levels should take level C first, except the following, that will be able to take the level B directly:

- coaches of ATP/WTA Top 1000 players who worked at this level for at least 2 consecutive years

- coaches of ITF Top 100 juniors who worked at this level for at least 2 consecutive years

- coaches of professional teams (University, Federation or League teams) who worked at this level for at least 2 consecutive years

- former ATP/WTA Top 1000 singles players

- former ATP/WTA Top 500 doubles players

GPTCA Course - Registration Fee: 495€

The Fee Includes: 

- Registration to C & B Level Course: 395€

- Annual GPTCA Membership: 100€

- 2.5 days of GPTCA Course and Exams (May 10th, 11th & 12th)

- Instructional materials

- T-shirt of the event

- Invitation to the speeches

Mental Tennis Program - Registration Fee: 195€  (May 8th & 9th)

Toni Nadal & Pancho Campo Motivational Speeches Fee: 26€ 

- "Developing Rafael Nadal from the early age to Pro" by Toni Nadal

- "Motivation & Stress Management" by Pancho Campo 

Notice: Please be advised that in order for the course to be viable, we need a minimum of 25 students. If this number is not reached, the organizers will have the right to pospone the course or cancel it. A full refund of the registration will be given to those student who can not attend in the new dates.