The Venue

Polytechnic Institute of Porto was founded in 1985 in the great city of Porto (Oporto).

UNESCO has recognized Porto since 1996 as a World Heritage City for the beauty of its Historic Center. And the river that bathes the city, the Douro River, still gives name to the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. UNESCO as also classified The Alto Douro vineyard, where the famous Port wine is produced, as a World Heritage Site.

There are 8 Schools spread across three Campus, where daily, thousands of people study, investigate, teach and innovate.

Today we can be proud of the high standards of our teaching and the quality of all our infrastructure.

More than ever, our eyes are on the future, not forgetting a past that makes the Polytechnic of Porto one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in Portugal.

P.Porto recognizes the relevance of sport and the contribution of sports practice to the personal and social development of its students and their community.

P.Porto identity is also based on this culture of cooperation, competition and responsibility proper to sports practice.

P.Porto is now a reference in the panorama of university sport.

Today we are P.Porto!